Hi, I am Samantha Anne.

(Sami, Sam, whichever!)

I have been living on the central coast since 2016 in San Luis Obispo and I love every minute of it. I soak up every day with my loving and compassionate husband and our sweet son and two adorable pups! We love adventuring as a family and going to the beach and on hikes but we love soaking up nights in with a glass of wine and a movie together! Life is too short and I want to make memories that last forever! Follow the Sun is my motto on life, To me, that means family time at the beach, it means intentional time with a friend or a loved one, a good cup of coffee, the sound of the ocean, and spending time in God's creation. To me, the best way to do that is capturing it all! My style of photography is Authentic & In love. I want the experience you feel and the photos you receive to be authentically you and to capture the love you have for each other or the season of life you are in!